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I'm Garrick Talmage, the Editor-in-Chief of Carolina Scientific. As a biochemistry major at UNC-Chapel Hill, I'm interested in biochemistry research and how it applies to medical advances.

Header: Crystals of Growth Porcine Elastase. Credit: NASA.

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Undergraduate Research Matters

Somebody asked me the other day, “Do any undergraduates actually make any important scientific discoveries?”

The relationship between undergraduates and the faculty at UNC is one of the many things that makes this University so special, and it has resulted in numerous undergraduates having a big impact on research.

If you peruse around some of the Undergraduate Research Projects that have been submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Research, you’ll find that students at Carolina have accomplished a lot in the research world before they have gone on to find jobs or enroll in graduate school. Some departments, such as biology, have a list of publications resulting from undergraduate research.

A network of UN Member Countries in 1947. This research was done with the help of UNC undergraduates. Credit: Kevin Macon and Amanda Traud

Endeavors magazine made a collection of articles describing several of the important discoveries that undergraduates have made recently, in research topics ranging from biology to psychology. I would highly encourage you to read about the innovation and research of Carolina students.

A lot of the writers in Carolina Scientific are also involved in undergraduate research, including myself. If your research has been published, please let me know! I’d love to write a story about your research for our blog or the magazine.

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